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InForwarder allows customers to see inside their operational SAP S/4HANA systems

With the forwarding capability, customers can verify their business data (Orders, Sales, Manufacturing rates) in near real-time. Additionally, the metadata of business data transactions (Order Entry throughput, slowdowns identified based on past forwarded data, etc.) can be analyzed in 3rd party BI tools. 

The technique used in InForwarder is to install a daemon/service on a host (physical or virtual) running a SAP NetWeaver instance which listens for data to be pushed. Customers can extend the data sent to destinations by adding their own reports.

Eliminates bulky RFC network transmissions and allows SAP security credentials to remain on SAP-managed systems.

InForwarder uses the SAP RFC Interface to act as a registered server to a specific NetWeaver instance. InForwarder is installed on each server or virtual machine where a NetWeaver instance is running. no InForwarder software updates are required

Low Overhead”Push” Technology


No Firewall Modifications



Runs as an unprivilegeduser on the host.

Product Overview

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